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Shiatsu Massage

Massages and apparatus treatments

It is our concern to satisfy each of our clients holistically and to adapt our treatments to their wishes and needs. In addition to our equipment, the DOiT team also offers a wide range of alternating treatments, movements and massages. 

 Classical Massage
60 min – 60,00€ / 90 min – 85,00€ / 120 min – 110,00€

also possible as 4-hand massage or couple massage

Classical partial or full body massage that is beneficial for the relaxation of the muscles in a beautiful ambience and soothing music. Here, the Swedish massage handles are mainly used, which are carried out with the help of a warm, neutral vegetable oil.


Sports Massage
60 min – 65,00€ / 90 min – 85,00€ / 120 min – 110,00€

also possible as 4-hand massage or couple massage

The sports massage is performed with classic wave measuring grips, but these grips are stronger and faster especially for active people, such as athletes. During this massage, the individual needs of the recipient are taken into account as the masseur increasingly devotes himself to the muscles,
that are particularly tense or painful. Masseur works loosening and stretching.


Aromatic Oil Massage
60 min – 72,00€ / 90 min – 98,00€ / 120 min – 130,00€

also possible as 4-hand massage or couple massage

In this full body massage, various aromatic oils are applied to the skin, which unfold their special effect over a longer period of time after the massage. Depending on the oil used, concentration-enhancing, soothing, warming or stimulating effects can be achieved. The special application is discussed before the massage, depending on the desired effect.


Hot Stone Massage
60 min – 72,00€/ 90 min – 98,00€ / 120 min – 130,00€

also possible as 4-hand massage or couple massage

This massage loosens the muscles as well as the vegetative nervous system with use of
(e.g. vibration, knocking, pulling, kneading) of warm and cold stones. The vegetable oil
is neutral, but essential oils can be used for aromatherapy if desired.

Herbal Stamp Massage
60 min – 72,00€/ 90 min – 98,00€ / 120 min – 130,00€

also possible as 4-hand massage or couple massage

The herb stamps filled with organic herbs are heated in warm oils.  The stamps release the heat together with the essential substances of the herbs to the skin. The body is stimulated with different pressures and moved on the skin with circular movements. Alternating with manual grips, very different simulation strengths can arise. The massage has a calming, skin caring and relaxing effect.


Ayurvedic Massage
60 min – 78,00€ / 90 min – 98,00€ / 120 min – 130,00€

The Abhyanga massage is a full body massage performed with warming oils – depending on your physical constitution with mustard, sesame or coconut oil. The aim of this massage, traditionally anchored in India and Sri Lanka, is to purify the body and relieve muscle tension. The grips of the massage are based on the body constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) specific points. Particularly areas on the back, arms and face are extensively massaged.


Lomi Lomi Nui
60 min – 78,00€ / 90 min – 98,00€ / 120 min – 130,00€

This form of massage has its origin in Hawaii and is anchored in the family life of the islanders and their life in a symbiosis with the ocean. The Lomi Lomi Nui massage is a ritual full-body treatment that aims to touch the mind and bring it into balance with the body. Traditionally, the massage is performed at special family or social events to cleanse body and soul. The massage is performed with special (nui) Lomi handles, alternated with the flat hand and forearms. The masseur uses a lot of vegetable oil, mostly coconut oil, so that the movement of the masseur can be carried out smoothly, roundly and comprehensively. During the treatment, the knee, hip and shoulder joints are gently mobilized.



Pneumatic Pulsation Massage
60 min – 60,00€ / 90 min – 110,00€ / 120 min – 130,00€

This massage combines different forms of treatment such as cupping, lymph drainage and reflex zone massage. With gentle vacuum and silicone bells, the tissue is sucked in 200 times per minute and then relaxed again.
This increases the flow rate of blood and lymph, which leads to a better supply of oxygen to the organs and faster removal of environmental pollutants from the tissue. The pulsation massage is mainly used in case of strong tensions and sticking fasciae, because the negative pressure reaches deeper tissue layers than it is possible with the classical manual massage.  


Bodyformer – Electrostimulation
60 min – 60,00€ / 90 min – 80,00€/ 120 min – 110,00€

The gentle electrostimulation serves to build muscle at rest – during the passive movement of the musculature. This body treatment is particularly popular for sagging skin and cellulite. Massage and drainage of tired muscle areas can also be performed with this method. The body contour gradually improves with regular use, the retention of fluids stabilizes and the local body fat reduces its volume. 

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